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Allow me to introduce myself.

As a working photographer I studied Photography at a photography vocational school. After school I followed a master class called Portrait Photography given by Govert de Roos.

In the past years I also attended several workshops held by renowned and award-winning wedding photographers from the Netherlands and South Africa. I did this to broaden my knowledge and skill set.
To learn more about me and my style of photography visit my INFO page.



Danielle & Hans

Marina & Ron

Jose & Frans

Rianne & Sander

Daisy & Sjoerd

Steffie & Hendse

My World

What always fascinated me about photography is that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Joy, emotion, sympathy, a smile on someone’s face, an emotional tear that rolls down a face. So much emotion summarized in one image.
Absolutely amazing.
As your wedding photographer I will be almost invisible but nevertheless I will make sure to capture every emotion that is felt at your wedding in an intimate and spontaneous way. I have an artistic eye for the space you are in, the spontaneity, the emotions, the laughter, the tears, your guests. By capturing all these special moments I will portray a beautiful memory … forever.

“A good match between the couple in love and the photographer is essential to capture those pictures that you really like. Shall we see if the three of us are a match? Click here